New road to be named after former Labour councillor



Bill Luffman

Bill Luffman

The new section of Dew Lane leading onto the latest phase of the Pirelli housing development is to be named after former Labour councillor Bill Luffman.

Luffman died in January 2012 after many years of political activity as a member of Eastleigh Labour Party.

The former Labour group leader was also a chair of Eastleigh Local Area Committee and ELAC’s Lib Dem committee members have paid tribute to him by bestowing the honour of a street naming.

Councillor Chris Thomas said:

“ I worked over a number of years with Bill. We may have disagreed politically on virtually everything but I got on with him very well. We all have what’s best for Eastleigh at heart. This is a wonderful opportunity to recognise Bill for the work he did.”

Cllrs Wayne Irish agreed:

“We managed to work together and do our best for the residents of Eastleigh. Its good that Bill will get this recognition for all the good he did in the area.”

Cllr Mo Sollitt revealed that Bill Luffman was a distant relative by marriage and joked “He could never get over being related to a Lib Dem councillor”.

The current chair of ELAC Cllr Paul Bicknell said:

“Although I didn’t know Bill Luffman I’ve heard lots of good things about him so naming this road after him is worthwhile thing to do.”

Councillor Steve Sollitt added:

“ I worked with Bill quite a lot as joint chair of ELAC. Although we disagreed on a number of things, together we worked on a number of items to improve the town from 1999 to 2002.

“We all strive t do our best for the town, that’s what Bill did over a long period “.

Councillor Mann described him as a pleasant man who would always stop to talk and Cllr Trenchard also spoke to add his support for the proposal which was carried unanimously.

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