Police seek info on suspicious cold callers

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Police at Eastleigh are seeking information about sightings of suspicious men or cold callers in the Eastleigh area after an attempted break-in at Tinning Way, Eastleigh on Tuesday, October 29.

At about 1.15pm, four men entered the garden of a semi-detached house via a side gate and attempted to force the patio door. The men left when they realised they were being watched by a neighbour.

All the men are white and in their mid-thirties. One of the men is 5ft 10ins tall and about 13-14 stone in weight. All four wore dark clothing of a similar style and hats.

Police Staff Investigator Steve Murden is asking for information about any four men seen acting suspiciously in the area of Tinning Way, Passfield Avenue or Dew Lane around the time of the incident.

He also wants information about any cold callers in the same area that day.

PSI Murden also offered some advice to residents:

“Following the onset of darker evenings, homeowners should consider whether they have appropriate security measures, such as lighting, to cover side access and rear gardens.”

Anyone with information should contact PSI Murden at Eastleigh CID on 101.


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  1. A resident
    November 2, 2013 at 8:21 am

    As a resident of Tinning Way, I received a witness flyer through my door, I phoned up to inform you that the day and date were wrong on the flyer, the man on the phone said he’d get this changed straight away. We then received a ‘date correction’ witness flyer through the door, this time with the correct date but the wrong day!!
    This is a pretty serious incident as a resident, so I’m personally disappointed by the lack of efforts by you on checking information on flyers before you distribute them.

    • mm
      Eastleigh Xpress
      November 2, 2013 at 10:19 am

      Thanks for the info – I’ve passed your comment onto Eastleigh Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

  2. Brian Norgate
    November 3, 2013 at 11:38 am

    The last Labour Government brought in No Cold calling zones and
    Chandlers ford were part of this the actual number people should call is

    Trading Standards Quick Response team 01962 833 666

    this number should be used as I had two recent cases one in Belmont Road and one in Consort Road where the person doing the cold calling
    had travelled over 30 miles and got off at both M3 Eastleigh Junctions
    and a quick response was able to confirm the details of the individual who was invited into see Trading Standards

  3. Pete Stewart
    November 3, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    Whatever happened to Britain? How anti-social we must have become to invent “No Cold Calling Zones”. How insular and fearful.

    Everyone has a right to put a sign on their door saying “No Cold Callers PLEASE”, but to try and impose such a thing on neighbours who may actually want cold callers … well how VERY sinister is that?!

    It’s hardly surprising such a totalitarian initiative should have come from the last Labour Government, a Government which must surely go down in history as having destroyed more fundamental human rights than any previously, EXCEPT the Ted Heath Government in 1972 which handed over our very democracy to foreign functionaries when it ratified the European Communities Act and thereby at a stroke, stuck two fingers up to all those who had fought a bloody World War just 28 years earlier.

    But that’s not how I saw Europe or Britain back then. When I voted to stay in the Common Market in 1975, I was voting for European togetherness, cooperation and harmony. I envisaged a sunny Britain where everyone was smiling all the time, and where people were hustling and bustling about their lawful business, and where the door to door salesmen were busy calling on smiling householders to increase business in the new, enlightened, busy, manufacturing, Europeanized Britain.

    Alas little did I imagine that within 40 years, as a direct CONSEQUENCE of forcing Europeanization down the throats of the British people, that they would eventually gag on its very taste and that my Britain would descend into a more insular, more racist, more anti-social, more fearful “don’t-talk-to-strangers” Britain. But that’s what’s happened.

    Who can honestly say they believe our 40 years under European control has IMPROVED Britain?

  4. November 3, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    I really can’t imagine any of neighbours actually wanting cold callers

  5. Brian Norgate
    November 4, 2013 at 10:37 am

    the No Cold calling zones are an update of Laws well before
    we joined the European Union such as trading standards and Hawkers licences.

    No Cold Calling zones were supported by all the Political parties, Charities, CAB and many others to empower people to say no to cold callers.

    Our Police forces have an excellent booklet called “The little book of Big Scams” all non political and nothing to do with Europe

    It is important to be aware of people known as “Nottingham knockers”
    who target elderly and vulnerable people, who then pass on information to others to target these same people.

    Its important to raise the issue of Loan Sharks and people who defraud vulnerable people how they operate and give support to people who have been pressurised into a contract that is unfair which they suffer detriment

    Abraham Lincoln said “not having the ability to say no is a form of poverty”
    and that’s the point of these schemes none of them wholly new but reinforcing the massage against crime

  6. Pete Stewart
    November 4, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    NO-GO zones should be outlawed. They are sinister, destroy jobs and are discriminatory (and therefore surely illegal).

    Why would anyone wish to discriminate against door to door sales people who create jobs? Why don’t we discriminate against profiteering fat cat globalists and their political cronies who are destroying our jobs?

    Imagine a (hypothetical) scenario where a local manufacturing company shifts production abroad, to profiteer from “cheap” foreign labour. Suddenly there are hundreds of local people without a job. If most of the other manufacturing jobs have already gone abroad, then what are these newly unemployed to do?

    For many the answer is self employment. But in a land of NO-GO zones how are they to sell their goods or services to the local community? Would we be content to see their embryonic businesses fail at the first hurdle, because they believe they cannot cold call, or if they do, they are harassed by public servants? Would we be happier if the burden of their unemployment fell on the State?

    If people don’t want cold callers, all they need do is put up a polite sign on their front door saying NO THANKS etc.

    William James the American philosopher said, “Tell him to live by yes and no – yes to everything good, no to everything bad.”

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