West End garage ram-raided

Garage door

A service station cashier was left ‘shocked and frightened’ after hooded ram-raiders carried out a daring late night robbery

The cashier was working at West End Service Station at around 2 am when he saw a stolen Rover Metro reverse at speed crashing into a metal security shutter taking the front door clean off its hinges.

Three men wearing hoods and with scarves across their faces ran into the shop and demanded money.

They stole just over £10,000 and ran off jumping into a nearby stream to escape

Over £100 of stolen cash has been found and is being forensically examined along with the stolen car.

door raid

The 25 year-old cashier was left shaken but unharmed.

Officers have been carrying out house to house enquiries in the area and are asking anyone who saw or heard any of what happened to contact them.

They’d also like to hear from anyone who saw the ‘H’ reg (1991) Metro any time after around 8.30pm on Sunday, November 24. It’s known the car was stolen around that time from the street in Vanguard Road where the 22-year-old owner had parked it shortly before that while visiting a friend.

Detectives would also like to speak with anyone who thinks they may have information about the crime they are asked to call Eastleigh CID on 101 or phone Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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