Chandler’s Ford’s own ‘Oxford’ school in court


Not to be found in Eastleigh. Photo: David Ilife

A law school based in Chandler’s Ford has been ordered to drop the word ‘Oxford’ from its name the BBC has reported.

The University of Oxford has won an action against the ‘Oxford Law School’ – which was registered to an address in Colvin Gardens – after a judge in the Intellectual  Property Enterprises Court ruled that the school had been ‘passing off’ as the university.

The School had made an attempt to distance itself from the world famous educational establishment by changing the website design and placing legal notices warning visitors the site was not connected to the Uni and denied breaching the university’s trademarks.

Mr Mohammed Riaz who had been running the school, said only ‘morons in a hurry’ would confuse the two but Judge Janet Lambert said there was a risk of damage to the university’s reputation.

The judge ordered the school to change its name.

Mr Riaz said the business had ceased trading in February and that he had no intention of profiting from the university’s reputation.

BBC story