Eastleigh News is 4 today!

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I’ll be sharing this with Ray later…

Eastleigh News has celebrated its fourth anniversary by posting its best ever days worth of page views.

The site was viewed 7,200 times yesterday – this compares with our earliest data of 9 views on 9 January 2010.

Since Dec 21 Google analytics shows we have posted almost 2,000 articles about our wonderful borough, which have attracted nearly 5,000 comments and racked up 780,000 pageviews from 206,000 ‘uniques’ ( i.e real people).

Top contributors include Ray Turner, Kieran James and Matthew Myatt and many others have chipped in with photos, tips and story leads.

Thanks to all those who have contributed.

For those who are intrigued by adverts promising $$$$$$$’s from ‘working at home’  running websites displaying ‘pay-per-click’ advertising might be interested to learn that Eastleigh News has earned just £588 in PPC earnings from over three quarter of million page views – nowhere near enough to cover its current annual hosting costs.

The site is currently averaging around 36,000 monthly page views – this always spikes around election time and during the by-election campaign hit 82,000 monthly page views.

What was news in Eastleigh four years ago?

It snowed!

With almost 40,000 monthly pages it pays to advertise in Eastleigh News – more details here


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