Lecturers bang drum for fair pay

A crowd of chanting university lecturers has laid siege to their Vice Chancellor’s office banging drums and calling for a ‘fair’ pay rise.

The lecturers are angry that their pay awards have been frozen at 1% for the last five years while last month their Vice Chancellor, Joy Carter, received an inflation busting 12.5 per cent taking her salary to £222,761 a year.

Winchester University strike

Strikers say Carter’s £28,000 rise is twice the salary of some of the 700 members of staff.

Around 40 people gathered outside her office in a noisy two-hour stoppage – the latest strike in an ongoing campaign.

simon boxley addressing lecturers

Simon Boxley the branch secretary of the University and Colleges Union said that the £200,000 salaries of many Vice Chancellors showed that university governors are living in “different world” to the rest of their staff adding:

“The economy is picking up, we need to see our earnings picking up as well”

In a statement Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Elizabeth Stuart said:

“The University remains sympathetic to the trade unions’ case, particularly for colleagues on the lower end of the pay scale who have seen low pay increases in recent years.

“However, the University deeply regrets these latest rounds of strikes as industrial action impacts most negatively upon students.”

discarded placard

  3 comments for “Lecturers bang drum for fair pay

  1. Stuart Jebbitt
    January 24, 2014 at 8:17 am

    £222,761? That’s an OBSCENE amount of money to pay someone to run a college (albeit one that has been inflated into a university). I don’t believe for one minute it is genuinely earned. all the real work is delegated out to underlings. £40k would be more than sufficient reward for a college principal. It’s the lecturers that make a college or university good or bad – and this is usually inspite of the management – who usually waste their time with constant and pointless restructuring schemes. That was my experience of working in a college for about 14 years. Every new principal simply wasted time and money putting on their ‘stamp’ – usually changing the names of everything and all the logos etc. It was pathetic to watch. Pay people good money, but not silly money. It’s not worth it.

  2. mm
    Eastleigh Xpress
    January 24, 2014 at 9:23 am

    Our universities are huge earners. Most undergrads at Winchester will now be paying an average of £26k in fees alone and foreign students – of which there are many – pay even more.

    It’s not unreasonable for students to expect their teachers to have been paid sufficiently well so as not to have their course interrupted by them having to take time off to publicly beg for more.

    Universities seem to be one area which has thrived in the downturn as more people decide to re-train and five years of below inflation pay rises is not going to attract people to the profession.

    If universities say they have to pay top whack to Vice Chancellors to attract the best then this surely applies to the rest of staff from lecturers to bog cleaners?

    What impression of the UK does this gives our foreign students I wonder.

  3. Rosie
    January 24, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    I agree that the Vice Chancellor’s salary (and pay rise) are obscenely high (compare with the Prime Minister’s salary!). Even Primary School headteachers get extortionate sums of pay these days. Lecturers and teachers are also very well paid. The public sector needs to realise that not only should people in the private sector be suffering financially. Pay levels in private sector management, for the same level of qualifications and years of experience as teachers/lecturers, etc, have fallen dramatically in the past 15-20 years (eg a bank manager now earns peanuts compared to school senior staff). Private pensions schemes are also pitifully bad, compared to public sector pension schemes. If some of these public sector lecturers and teachers had to work in the private sector they’d see how they have very little to moan about now! I do expect, though, that many non-teaching staff at the “Uni” (college!) are on little more than minimum wage.

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