Police hunt West End sex offender

Blue Police LampPolice at Hedge End are appealing for information after two reports of sex offences at West End in a fortnight.

Two reports were made to police when walkers in the Hatch Grange woods saw a man masturbating. The first incident was at 3.30pm Friday, December 27. The second was at 2.54pm Saturday, January 11.

In both cases, the man was seen in the area behind the West End Community Centre. He is described as a slim white man in his late teens or early twenties and about 5ft 4ins tall. He wore a black or dark-coloured top.

Sergeant Christine Wall is appealing for information from the public, and said:

“Due to the times of day, there would be people in the area who may have seen something or someone which did not seem suspicious. But, if you saw someone of this description, please contact the police. Your information may be very useful.”

“We also want to remind people to be alert and to ensure your own personal safety when using this area.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at Hedge End on 101. Anyone who sees such an act being committed should ring 999 immediately.