Fair Oak police help recycle cycles


Fair Oak Police recycle cycles

Police in Eastleigh have donated nine bikes to the Y-Zone youth centre in Fair Oak to help local teenagers.

Twenty youngsters have attended the first ‘recycle-a-cycle’ events that have been held since February. They were taught maintenance skills using nine bikes that have been discarded in the local area. These will be refurbished and sold to raise funds for the youth centre itself.

PCSO Ian Nicholson who helped to organise the bikes to be donated said:

“The sessions have been going really well. The teenagers were keen to clean up the bikes to get the project started. We went over each one and listed what actually needed doing to get them up and running. The volunteers were very hands-on and loved helping out. A couple of them said they want to go into mechanics and thought this was a good scheme to get them started early.”