It’s House vs House

It's Keith House vs John House - can you tell which is which?

It’s Keith House vs John House – can you tell which is which?


Eastleigh’s ruling Lib Dem leader Keith House faces an unusual challenger in next month’s local elections – the Ukip candidate shares the same surname and is alphabetically listed above the Lib Dem by one letter.

John House comes from Chandler’s Ford, some way away from Hedge End’s Wildern ward, which raises the possibility that this is a tactical move by Ukip.

Keith House told Eastleigh News:

“It just shows the level at which they treat the electorate.  I am sure Wildern voters will see through this pretty quickly!”

One Ukip source said to Eastleigh News:

“If there is room for 10,000 houses in Eastleigh, there is room for one more House in Hedge End.”

There are a total of 44 seats on the borough council, which is currently held by 39 Liberal Democrats, 4 opposition conservatives and 1 independent.

Fifteen seats on the borough council will be decided on polling day May 22 – almost a third of the seats in the chamber.

Eleven of the seats are currently being defended by sitting Lib Dems while the Conservatives stand to win or lose two of their four seats.

May 22 also coincides with voting in the European elections.

National polls put Labour in the lead for Euros with Ukip a strong second.

Labour is not expected to do as well in the borough elections but Ukip is confident that the momentum they experienced in last year’s County council elections – when they won three of Eastleigh’s seven seats – will carry through to win them seats in Eastleigh.

Ukip county councilor Andy Moore and Ukip Eastleigh Chair Glynn Davies-Dear will be going up against former ELAC colleagues to try and win back seats they formerly held as Lib Dems in Eastleigh Central and Eastleigh North.

The four major parties are standing in all the wards except the Conservatives who do not have a candidate standing in Eastleigh North or in Hedge End Grange Park where the incumbent is Lib Dem cabinet member Louise Bloom – partner to cabinet leader Keith House.

There are three TUSAC (Trade Union and Socialists Against Cuts) candidates in the three ELAC wards as part of their drive to contest all 625 local council seats nationally.

TUSAC, who say they are a  ‘no cuts’ party see the most deprived area in the borough as a natural constituency as does Labour whose best chance is probably with Pete Luffman in Eastleigh South.

Luffman, who is also defending his seat on Chandler’s Ford Parish Council, is trying to win back a seat he has formerly held and which he narrowly missed out on in 2012 when he lost by just 13 votes following a recount.

The presence of a competing socialist party in Eastleigh will not be good news for Labour who have already been canvassing hard in the town for some weeks.

There is also an independent candidate standing in Eastleigh North.

Three wards that will definitely be seeing a change in councilor are Hiltingbury East where veteran Conservative and former Mayor John Caldwell is retiring, Hedge End St Johns which former Lib Dem recently turned Independent Councilor Peter Hughes will not be re-contesting for private reasons and Botley where long-serving Lib-Dem Cathie Fraser has retired as already covered here.

Voters in Bishopstoke Central and Hedge End Grange Park East will have an additional ballot paper, as there are by-elections for Bishopstoke Parish Council and Hedge End Town Council.

The HTEC vacancy has also been caused by the resignation of Cllr Caitlin Bloom.

There are only two candidates contesting the seat – a complex situation discussed by Ray Turner here.

Voters in Allbrook and North Boyatt will also be voting for their parish council and will have a choice of Independent, Liberal Democrat and Labour candidates to pick from plus a candidate described as representing ‘Allbrook Action Group’.

Voters in Chandler’s Ford will be also voting for their parish councilors from Liberal Democrat, Conservative and Labour candidates.

A full list of candidates can be downloaded from here

  6 comments for “It’s House vs House

  1. April 25, 2014 at 8:25 am

    “It just shows the level at which they treat the electorate.”

    That’s a bit rich coming from the man who seems to treat the people of Eastleigh like they have no voice.

    The only Voice the LibDems want the people to have is that bunch of self important CRAP Mike Thornton is putting through peoples doors! You know the one that should have been called “How many times can one egotistical MP get his face on one piece of paper”

    But seriously!
    How have the Keith House lead LibDems treated the electorate in Boorley Green and around Avenue Park?

    You see the problem is, the Very Well paid Keith House has never been so close to losing his Wildern Seat. If that happens, he loses control of Eastleigh BC and the FibDems will fall apart.

    Lets face it! KEITH House (LibDems) doesn’t give a hoot about the electorate. The Highest paid Councillor in Hampshire cares about one thing and one thing only; Losing his tax payer funded six figure Salary, his huge Pension and the Power he has to lord it over the public.

    • mm
      Eastleigh Xpress
      April 25, 2014 at 9:58 am

      Perhaps I should have added Cllr House is defending a substantial majority in Wildern – he polled twice as many votes as his nearest rival last time – based on this he is unlikely to lose his seat.

      Clearly from user comments on this site he is not everyone’s cup of tea but equally clearly the majority of voters in Wildern love him.

      Personally I don’t think it’s right that a councillor who is supported by just 1,600 voters in a small ward can become leader of a borough of 126,000 and I would prefer a directly elected Mayor.

      In 2010 Eastleigh residents were given an opportunity to opt for a system with an elected Mayor but only 13 people responded to consultation (of which I was one) so I guess most residents must be happy with Cllr House.

      • April 25, 2014 at 12:34 pm

        I wouldn’t say the majority of Wildern voters ‘love Keith House’. Only 20% turned out for the recent Town-Council by-election in that ward, more than half of those voted against the LIb Dems and there’s definitely a lot of anti-Lib Dem sentiment being expressed on the doorsteps…

        Keith House’s success is due to the Lib Dems being good at getting their core supporters to turn out whilst doing everything they possibly can to make it hard for anybody else to compete with them. The Lib Dems are led by career politicians, very skilled and experienced in these ways…

        UKIP standing John House as their candidate is an amusing tactic that for once, gives the Lib Dems a taste of their own medicine…

        Well done UKIP.

  2. mm
    Eastleigh Xpress
    April 25, 2014 at 9:34 am

    I’m sorry to see Cllr Caldwell retiring. In the short time I’ve been observing Eastleigh’s fascinating politics I’ve found Cllr Caldwell to be an effective and dedicated committee man and opposition councillor, always prepared to hold the administration to account on behalf of all residents in Eastleigh..and doing it in a gentle and good humoured way!..

  3. Matthew Myatt
    April 25, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    Cllr Caldwell is one of a rare bread in local politics, a gentleman and I for one wish him well. As for Mouse vs House, this had me in stickes. Mr Mouse crying foul play at the hands of UKIP..!!

    I so hope that the voters send him a clear message that Eastleigh folk don’t love him and that his dictatorship is over.

    If anyone really wants to see what the FibDems think of OUR countryside and green spaces, then please do watch my video about them and their so called Green Man MP.

  4. Teresa Ross
    April 29, 2014 at 10:48 am

    Excellent video Matthew – showing the Lib Dem distinct lack of any backbone or moral fibre!

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