“Local people not politics” says Dan

Dan Brain


Dan Brain, Conservative candidate for Eastleigh South is using his election campaign to highlight his view that modern local politics is in danger of losing sight of its true purpose in representing local people.

Dan explains:

“Over the last few years reading the political literature landing on my mat it was clear that much of it is really about party politics not local people. At its worst it’s about smearing the reputation of the alternative party’s and at best carefully selecting information to win over voters.

“It’s my view that at a local councillor level at least, it’s about the individuals standing, and not so much about the party they affiliate with. I found myself asking – who are these people asking for my vote? Will they listen and speak up for local people or will they focus on pushing their personal political ideology? My answer, as you can see, was to stand myself and focus on local people.”

Dan still thinks political parties are important to bring people together who want to serve their community and play an important role at a national level.  At a local level however, he believes it should be more about the individual candidates who want to serve and speak up for their community at council. A view he hopes his campaign embodies.

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