Mayor opens Lover’s Lane cycle route


Mayor Malcolm Cross opens new cycle route

Mayor Malcolm Cross opens new cycle route

Mayor of Eastleigh Cllr Malcom Cross opened the final section of National Cycle Network Route Two between Southampton and Hamble-le Rice.

The section of cycle path at Lovers Lane was built at a coast of around £55,000 and is the fourth stage of the local link between Abbey Hill and Hamble Lane and forms part of the overall National Cycle Network.

The new section now completes the local link between the cycle route that runs along Weston Shore to the west of the borough and Warsash to the east of the borough. It also links to Dani King Cycle Way that runs along Hamble Lane to the north. The complete scheme has been developed at a cost of around £150,000.

Mayor of Eastleigh Cllr Malcolm Cross said “I’m delighted to open this section of cycle/pedestrian route and we now have probably the finest section of improvement with this wonderful hard surfaced link which replaces a frequently muddy and narrow path.”

He added “ We must also thank GE Aviation for their contribution of land and Hamble Parish Council for their agreement for the use of their part of Lovers Lane and the recreation ground. I hope that people will enjoy using the new route and encourage others to come and give it a try.”

The section was funded by Hampshire County Council through the use of developers contributions accrued through developments in the peninsula over the last five 5 years with the work being managed by the Council’s Engineering Unit.

The scheme forms part of the National Cycle Network route that will run along the entire south coast of England from Cornwall to Kent.

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