Broken glass found in store’s kids comics


Tesco Express

Local shops were alerted to a potential glass hazard when part of a broken bottle was discovered among the kids comics at Tesco Express on Twyford Road early this morning.

Local mum Lesley Ferguson spotted the danger before her toddler could get near it and reported it to the duty manager.

The Allbrook resident told Eastleigh News she thought that the glass had been deliberately placed by someone in order to cause harm:

“I’m surprised that no staff had spotted it when opening the store.

It was very dangerous; my three-year-old son could have severed a finger or hand on it.

It’s awful that someone could do that on purpose, it’s could have been tragic.”

A spokesperson for Tesco said in a statement:

“We are grateful to our customer for bringing this to our attention and have apologised for any distress it caused.

We safely disposed of the glass, and carefully searched the area to make sure no more had been left there.

We are investigating how the glass came to be there, and have informed the police and other nearby stores.”

Lesley Ferguson said :

“I’m just thankful no little hands found the glass.”