Botley gets public defibrillators

AED sign

Look out for this sign in a cardiac emergency

Two cardiac defibrillators just installed at Botley can be accessed by the public in an emergency at any time

The first of two Botley Parish Council funded ‘community Public Access Defibrillators’ (cPADs) is now ‘live’ at The Botley Centre and listed with the 999 emergency services.

Hundreds of people use the site every week for recreational and sporting activities both in the Centre and on the adjacent recreation ground.

The unit is secured in a vandal proof box which can be opened with a code obtained by ringing the number displayed on it’s outside casing.

Installation of a second unit at The Market Hall in Botley Square is underway while a third unit, funded by an HCC County Councillor’s Grant from County Councillor Rupert Kyrle will be installed at a location in Boorley Green during the summer.

Cllr Graham Hunter, who led the Parish Council’s project, is convinced that “Providing access to defibrillators within Botley is a fantastic opportunity to help increase the chances of survival following a cardiac arrest.”

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) has no respect for age or gender, affecting approximately 30,000 people within the UK each year. It can strike without warning at any time with devastating consequences. Action during the first few minutes after a collapse is vital for the best chance of saving life – the provision of both CPR and an AED (defibrillator) has the potential to increase survival rates by as much as 75%.

The Parish Council is working closely with staff from the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust to raise awareness of the use of the equipment. One of the first steps towards getting information into the wider community has been to offer free training sessions for first aiders associated with local organisations. The response has been very good and the Council expects the first course to be run during June with a second in place later in the summer.

Cllr Hunter told Eastleigh News that staff at Botley Parish Council – including groundsman David Batten and Parish Clerk Janet Morgan had worked hard to ensure the equipment was available for use as soon as was possible.