Councillor tails car yobs through town

Cllr Andy Moore

Andy Moore

An Eastleigh councillor tailed a gang of young men out on a car-wrecking spree in the centre of Eastleigh last Saturday night.

The County Councillor for Eastleigh East Andy Moore was driving his car into Cherbourg Road at 7.40 pm when he was confronted by a gang of fourteen youths – some carrying beer cans.

Cllr Moore alleges one of the youths made contact with his car damaging it and when the councillor stopped to remonstrate he was met with verbal abuse.

Moore says he then saw members of the gang kicking wing mirrors off resident’s parked cars and he phoned the police.

After Cllr Moore gave the police a description of the lads he followed them in his car as they ran down several streets before losing them.

The councillor later had his car examined by specialist officers who lifted fingerprints form the vehicle.

Moore says the police told him that they were confident they would catch the culprits.

Cllr Moore also told Eastleigh News that there had also been reports of vandalism to cars and ASB in Tennyson Road and Passfield Avenue that night and since them some arrests have already been made.

Saturday was a bad night for ASB in Central Eastleigh as almost £45,000 worth of damage was also caused to new vehicles parked at the Budget rental garage on nearby Southampton Rd.

Councillor Moore thanked the Police and the controller who dealt with his 999 call and explained why he had followed the group:

“It is fair to say I was a little bit scared but I felt sorry for the people who had their property damaged.

Normally I wouldn’t recommend anyone following criminals in the act but we must make a stand against crime, enough is enough”

Earlier this year the councillor joined other local Ukip councilors and party activists in a protest against the planned closure of Eastleigh Police station, which says Ukip, will have an adverse impact on crime rates in the area.

Councillor Moore said:

“To think they are going to shut the police station”

Eastleigh is a nice town but crime is not going down, far from it.”

Anyone with information on these incidents can call the police for free by dialing 101.

The Safer Neighbourhoods Team in Eastleigh will be holding one of their regular informal PACT community feedback events next week at Barton Peveril July 23, at 7 pm.

Residents are invited to come along and discuss their concerns and priorities with their local beat bobbies.

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