Fryern charity event seeks local sponsors

A shelterbox tent - the fun day will help provide these

A shelterbox tent – the fun day will help provide these for homeless Syrian families

Local fund raiser Nicky Head is looking for local businesses who can help sponsor a family fun day at Fryern Rec on August 10 in aid of charity relief work in Syria.

Similar community events at the Rec – like the Fryern Funtasia – have drawn in large crowds and would provide a great advertising opportunity for local businesses as well as chance for them to contribute a good cause.

Nicky organised a successful charity event at Fryern last year raising over £600 to provide emergency shelters for victims of the Philippine typhoon disaster and this inspired her to aim higher by raising even more money to help the thousands of families suffering as a result of the ongoing Syrian civil war.

Nicky told Eastleigh News:

 “This is massively important.

The conflict in Syria started three years ago, and during that time there have been unimaginable horrors taking place.  People who were living not that differently from you and I suddenly had to up and leave, with nothing more than a change of clothes for their children, and walk for days into the unknown because their homes were being bombed.  Many were killed at border crossings and didn’t make it to the relative safety of a refugee camp.

If every community stood up and said “this isn’t right”, then we could ease the suffering of millions.  I can’t make everybody help, but I can encourage my local community to come together and help raise money for what I see as an extremely worthwhile cause.”

Funds raised will be donated to the Shelterbox charity’s Syria appeal.

Shelterbox specialises in providing emergency accommodation and supplies to people who have been displaced and made homeless as a result of disaster or conflict.

The fun day will feature a host of attractions for all the family including face painting, live music and a large arts and crafts marquee.

Any business able to contribute towards the cost of staging the event will be prominently featured on all advertising.

Nicky Head

Campaigning Fryern mum Nicky Head

Nicky Head said:

 “I suppose it’s all about people power.  I can’t make a huge difference on my own, but as a community we can.”

If you are interested in sponsoring the event or would like a stall you can contact Nicky on 07890 077216

The Charity Fun Day in aid of Syria will be held at Fryern Recreation Ground on August 10 between 11am – 4pm.