Local Mum warns of ‘silent killer’ in homes

A Mum of two from Hampshire has warned of the dangers of carbon monoxide after a brush with danger last week.

Potentially dangerous levels of the deadly gas were found in Louise Aspinall’s Chandler’s Ford home, even though her boiler was only two years old and had been recently serviced.

“Ever since our boiler was fitted two years ago, I had this feeling that we should fit a carbon monoxide alarm.”

It was fitted by a registered, qualified installer but Mrs Aspinall “wanted to have the assurance of an audible carbon monoxide alarm nearby to warn us of any leak”.

The decision to install the CO alarm was a life-saving one, as the alarm went off last Tuesday while Mrs Aspinall’s daughter was watching Peppa Pig.

She said: “There is no doubt about it, this carbon monoxide alarm saved our lives. After the emergency services had checked our home was safe, a registered gas service engineer came to check the boiler.”

The engineer had to shut it down immediately because the levels of CO were so high that it “could kill him”.

It’s believed the leak may have been caused by an incorrect emissions setting and it is thought the boiler could have been leaking carbon monoxide, which could explain some of the symptoms experienced by the family recently.

Mrs Aspinall said: “My husband has been feeling unwell for a while, with cold symptoms. We put it down to the weather, change of temperature and colds doing the rounds.”

Blood tests taken from Louise’s husband showed high levels of CO in his bloodstream.

Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas that has no colour, taste or smell, so it is totally invisible to the human senses and is known as ‘the silent killer.’

The Department of Health estimates there are around 40 deaths from accidental CO poisoning in England and Wales.

At least 4,000 people attend A&E each year and are diagnosed with CO poisoning.

The effects of CO poisoning are estimated to cost the NHS £178 million a year.

“Without the carbon monoxide alarm, the consequences could have been catastrophic,” said Mrs Aspinall.

She added: “I urge anyone who hasn’t got a carbon monoxide alarm to make sure they fit one straight away.”

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