Chancellor’s Chickenhall Lane election pledge

The Conservatives have promised to deliver vital road improvements for Eastleigh if they are re-elected with an outright majority.

Chancellor George Osborne has announced funding for a Botley by-pass and a new Chickenhall Lane link road to alleviate congestion and pollution in the town – two key projects that have been under discussion for many years.

The improvements ar part of a package of proposed upgrades to the transport infrastructure on the South Coast- also in the table are improvements to the M27 with a new junction and £350 million to improve the A27.

The Conservatives have promised to sign off all these projects within their first 100 days – although the caveat is that if they find themselves in a coalition – then their partners might have other priorities.

Mims Davies the Conservative Candidate in Eastleigh said:

“It’s something I have been lobbying for, I had the Transport Minister in Eastleigh a couple of weeks ago and those projects had certainly been stalling’

“Now there is a commitment to work with the Local Enterprise Partnership and bring these schemes forward under a Conservative majority government.”

While on a recent tour of the GE Aviation at Hamble the chancellor told reporters he had included funding for these projects in the Conservative’s £2.4 billion infrastructure plan for the South Coast after Davies had raised the issue of Eastleigh’s traffic problems with him.

George Osborne told Eastleigh News that he thought Mims Davies would make a ‘turbo-charged MP’.

The chancellor also explained why the Conservatives had put so many resources into campaign in Eastleigh

It is a close election and a seat like Eastleigh is absolutely critical to the outcome

A member of Eastleigh Conservatives told Eastleigh News that they had more people canvassing on Saturday then on any other day in the 2013 by-election.

Speaking for Labour, their Candidate Mark Latham said:

 “We welcome the plan – but don’t believe it.”

The Lib Dem candidate, former MP Mike Thornton said:

“Good to see that Osborne agrees with me and with local Lib Dem policy while local Conservatives have not supported it.

“Another example of the Conservatives “borrowing” good Lib Dem policies.”

The following candidates are also standing in the Eastleigh Parliamentary Election:

Declan Clune – TUSC

Mark Latham- Labour

Mims Davies- Conservative

Patricia Culligan -Ukip

Mike Thornton – Liberal Democrat

Ray Hall – Beer, Baccy and Scratchings

Ron Meldrum – Green Party

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