A horrifying night at Thorpe Park

The view overlooking the park from the more than welcoming Finn's Beer Garden

The view overlooking the park from the more than welcoming Finn’s Beer Garden

Thorpe Park’s ‘Fright Night’ official got under way on Friday in the build up to it’s annual Halloween event celebrating 14 years.

Journalists, celebrities, annual pass holders and special VIP’s  were invited to a preview show a day before on Thursday – something that I was luckily enough to attend.

As a VIP on the night, I was immediately welcomed by the park’s friendly staff who took me to get my wristband that allowed me to access to ‘Finn’s’ bar that was closed off for guests on the evening as well as fast track for the rides and mazes.

After a delicious meal and a few drinks I was ready to experience the famous ‘Fright Night’ something I’ve wanted to do for some time now.

This year the park has introduced two new scare attractions that is ‘The Big Top Carnival Maze’ and ‘Containment’ however due to a power cut, I could only attend one which was the carnival maze.

New for 2015: The Big Top Carnival Maze

New for 2015: The Big Top Carnival Maze


For all the of mazes on the night, staff kindly reminded visitors that the trained actors dressing up will touch you to try and scare you however they will not hurt you.

As soon as you enter the maze, a photo will be taken which you can purchase afterwards which is the only ‘normal’ part of it, the rest of attraction is designed to scare the living daylights out of you and it certainly gave me a few spine chilling moments.

Actors dressed up as adult babies, clowns and mime artists will certainly give you the scare factor and despite the long queues to access the maze  (even with fast track) it was certainly one of the eye catching events of the evening.

The maze had a certain circus theme to it as well as a scary fortune teller, classic carnival games, a mind boggling mirror maze packed with chuckling clowns as well as a creepy fun house.

This attraction is no push over and is only one of the gruesome mazes on offer at the park during it’s fright nights.

While at the park, I also had chance to sample some of the classic and thrilling rides it has to offer including the world famous ‘Stealth’ that has a ferocious top speed of 130 km/h with incredible 205ft heights.

With it being dark, the rides itself had it’s own scare element to them however with superb lighting it was a quite a sight to see the rides run at full length at night.

The rest of the mazes were based on spine chilling movie classics such as ‘Blair Witch Project’, ‘My Bloody Valentine, ‘Cabin in the Woods’ and the horrifying ‘Saw’ series.

Saw Alive

Saw Alive



The ‘Saw Alive’ maze was particularly scary for someone who hasn’t actually watched the films as of yet however I was aware of the characters and the actors played a superb role within the maze.

Actors were perfectly executing death defying and frightening scenes from the series of movies as well as the sadistic ‘Billy’ puppet making an appearance.

The maze is almost a sister attraction to ‘Saw the Ride’ and having been on that ride in the past, it was tough to decide which was scarier.

Next up I visited the ‘My Bloody Valentine’ maze that is based on the hit 1981 film and as soon as I entered the maze there was a truly terrified actress that warned us  of the famous ‘Harry Warden’ who killed 22 people in the film was within the maze.

If you are a lucky enough, the actress may send you to a different passage within maze which was even more mentally exhausting for visitors.

During the maze I went through a  horrific and terrifying hospital ward before having to negotiate my way through the tunnels of an abandoned mine, neglected shacks and a pitch black forest.


The Blair Witch Project maze

The Blair Witch Project maze


The only outside maze of the park was the ‘The Blair Witch Project’ which is again based on the hit movie that got released in 1999.

Because it was dark out it added an extra scare feel to the experience as I had to walk through a forest which is now entitled ‘Burkittsville Village’ which was previously unused within the park.

With actors creeping up on you and appearing out of the nowhere, the maze gives you an unsafe feeling and even knowing they are just actors, it really does still play tricks on your mind.

Last but not least I visited the ‘Cabin in the Woods’ maze where I was immediately greeted by an actress who played her park perfectly as a redneck from the 2012 film.

Despite the actress going up to the public and being suspiciously nice to them,  the maze certainly didn’t win the award for ‘Best Halloween Scare Attraction’ last year at the SCARS awards for no reason.

As you enter the maze you have to chose from a number of doors that will determine your path throughout the rustic cabin.

What’s different with this particular maze is that the visitors will choose their outcome however it is guaranteed that whatever path you take that there will be hideous and gruesome beings  designed to give you nightmares.

Having visited all the mazes that was on offer that evening, there was just enough time to enjoy a nice beverage back at the bar where Aston Merrygold from former boy band JLS was also enjoying a few drinks.

He was not the only celebrity that attended the event with former ‘X Factor’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant Stevi Ritchie, Linda Robson who played Tracy in the hit TV Show ‘Birds of a Feather’ and social media celebrity Anto Sharp.

There are still plenty more ‘Fright Nights’ on offer at Thorpe Park this year with various dates this month ending on Monday, 2nd November – you can purchase tickets here.