Cheapy charger causes Hampshire house blaze

Waterlooville House fire

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is warning people about fake, unbranded chargers after a House caught fire in Waterlooville yesterday.

Crews were called to Jasmine Grove yesterday afternoon after reports of a fire which had started in the bedroom and was most likely caused by an unofficial phone charger.

HFRS say with Christmas well on the way, people will be buying electrical devices for their friends and family and warn that although 
unbranded chargers are cheap many of them fail to meet UK safety regulations and can lead to electric shock, injury and cause fires.

In a press release Area Manager Stew Adamson, Head of Community Safety, said:

“There has been an increase in the number of incidents being reported about faulty electrical goods, particularly fake, cheap and unbranded chargers.

“The chargers are usually ‘fake’ or faulty and being used with mobile phones, electric cigarettes or other similar devices but even ‘real’ chargers pose risks if they are not used correctly or for the device for which they are intended.”

Hampshire County Council Trading Standards said:

“The message is do not buy cheap or unbranded chargers for use with e-cigarettes, mobile phones or any other devices. They may be dangerous and illegal.

“At the least, they are capable of destroying your device. At worst, they have the potential to give a fatal electric shock or cause a very serious house fire.

“Our officers often see large quantities of unsafe chargers as part of their work at ports. This is a widespread problem, with many being sold through internet sellers. 

”Always make sure that the rated output of your charger is matched to the product you are charging.”