Liz Truss ‘impressed’ by local farm food shop

A local farm food shop made a big impression of Food and Farming Minister when she dropped by recently for a recent visit.

Liz Truss was at J S Gourmet Foods at the recommendation of Eastleigh’s MP Mims Davies to see for herself just how popular locally sourced and produced organic food is with shoppers.

Truss described the shop, which stocks all manner of locally produced food from Haggis to ice cream, as “fantastic”.

The shop is owned and run by mother and son team James and Jean Sutton who make their own sausages with pork from Wickham and sell faggots from Bishopstoke, milk from Fareham, cheese from Winchester and veal raised in Botley.

Mims Davies told Eastleigh News:

“Shopping habits are changing and this shop is a great way for consumers to get closer to the food they eat and support local farmers.”

Jean Sutton said that shoppers liked to have information about the food they put on the table:

“The whole idea is quality as well as good service and people really like to know where there meat has come from – what it has been fed on and how it has been treated.”

J S Gourmet Foods can be found in the Hillier Garden Centre on Woodhouse Lane, Botley.