Live Review: Southampton’s Common People

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Thousands of music lovers gathered together for one epic party this bank holiday weekend at Southampton’s Common People. There was something for everyone and the whole festival was just really well organised with everyone having a huge smile on their faces throughout it. Common People is fairly new in the world of music festivals however with it being organised by the same team as  Bestival, you just knew that the acts were chosen carefully by everyone involved including DJ Rob Da Bank. Despite the festival being mainly a ‘mainstream’ scene, I managed to spend some time in the ‘Uncommon Stage’ where I surprised with the quality on show throughout the weekend. Having missed the Chuckle Brothers on the Saturday, I was slightly gutted and felt it was time to try and get into a few moshpits and Our Hollow Our Home certainly delivered that. The epic Connor Hallisey on aggressive vocals provided a heavy atmosphere to the festival and you could tell every single person in the tent were really getting into their music.

Our Hollow Our Home

Our Hollow Our Home

I managed to catch up with the band after their solid set that caused a little bit of mayhem around the crowd. ‘We were worries because because of the diverse line up and I think for me and all the guys, that’s the true part of this festival.

‘It’s not like one genre, it was a collective mix of all the bands and today was awesome, phenomenal – I loved it!.

‘We’ve just come of a European tour, we had a day off yesterday, we’ve been to France, Italy, Switzerland and that was great.

‘We’re hoping to do a UK tour in July and we’re planning to go to Europe around November/December time but nothing is set in stone as of yet.

‘We’re based in Southampton apart from Connor who’s from Bournemouth.

‘All of us, not only in this band but other bands have played at The Joiners since I was like 16/17, all the guys at the Joiners have supported us since them days.

‘No matter if there was like 10 people there or 250, they’d always vouch for us and playing in Southampton is just great.

‘Last year we released an EP and we’ve had a couple of singles out in the last year but we’re hoping to release our album at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

‘We’ve recorded half of it already and we’re keen to go back in the studio again.

‘The UK scene in the lower levels is hard to break in, there’s a lot of tours, a lot of people come but the fans that do come, they’re so die hard.

‘They buy merch and they sing the lyrics back to you!’

And of the course the stage was presented by the local music, The Joiners, so you knew the amount of quality that would be on show throughout the weekend even if you haven’t heard of the band before. Another band that I was impressed with on the Saturday were Bel Esprit who are also set to play the Isle Of Wight festival next month.

Bel Espirit

Bel Espirit

The lads from Southampton but on another epic show for their fans, and although it wasn’t as heavy as what I’m used to, I genuinely really enjoyed the set. Bel Espirit almost had an Artic Monkey’s style to their genre and really got everyone in the tent to join and have a good time. I managed to catch up with Billy Herklots and the rest of the band for a quick interview before their set and they said: ‘It’s going to be great (the set) we’re really excited and it’s so busy.

‘It would be nice if we could release more music, well that’s the plan.

‘We’re touring in October with Lonely The Brave.

‘We’re like in our 40s so we’re not up and coming, it’s our eighth anniversary on Monday (today) and that’s a long time.’

When asked where they see each other in five years time, it’s always a tough question to answer so the lads added in a comical way saying: ‘In prison probably or in the ground or in a mental institute maybe – a secure facility.

The whole of the Saturday was a superb day out for everyone and I know it wasn’t rock but I did decide to go and see Craig David’s TS5 and the Southampton based singer put on a a fantastic show which you have to appreciate. Scottish rock Primal Scream also put on a epic show for everyone and it was worth to listen to the classic Movin’ On Up that was released 25 years ago but to this day remains a classic. Another great tune that got the party going was Rocks that gave an epic up beat to the day.

Primal Scream

Primal Scream

After nursing a slight hangover on the Sunday morning, I was up and ready to experience more festival greatness. The weather was amazing and despite essentially going on my own, I managed to meet up with a few friends to share the festival vibes with. I actually stayed at the main a stage a bit more this time and I managed to check out a pretty sick band called The Magic Gang. The lads from New Forest, provided a calming indie theme to the festival and it really was easy listening. They recently just released The Magic Gang EP and having listen to that after the set, I think these guys could have a bright future.

The Magic Gang

The Magic Gang

So after a watching these and meeting 80s legend Mr Motivator for a selfie, I decided it was time to go back to the ‘Uncommon Stage’ and listen to some more local talent. And it didn’t take long before I came across Southampton up beat rock band The Rising. Vocalist Tommy Overington and the rest of the band really put a fantastic amount of energy throughout their set and I was lucky enough to get an interview with them after.

‘I think it went absolutely brilliantly, equally as good as last year if not better.

‘It was buzzing, it was absolutely buzzing – fantastic.

‘We’re looking to release a couple of more singles this year and we’re about 2/3 through our second album.

‘We’ve got about six tracks recorded and we’ve got a bout 3 or 4 left to go.

‘We’re working on a video for a single we’re going to be releasing soon and then hopefully this year or the beginning of next year, we’ll have our second album out.

‘We’re down The Joiners next week and the Isle of Wight festival the week after that.

‘In five years time I still want to be doing all this, it’s about the love of it.

‘It’s not about money although that would be nice if we’d be able to do it for a living but just going around writing music, you know you come here and all those people in here are going mental for it, it’s a big buzz.

‘There’s some really good bands out their, local guys The Novatones will be playing the Isle of Wight Festival in a couple of weeks and there’s a band called Casava who were on here today and they’re a decent band and the Costellos, keep an eye on them as well – they’re brilliant, really really good.’

The Rising

The Rising

Another band to keep an eye is Science of Eight Limbs who put on an incredible electric show for everyone in the tent. The two piece band arguably could well of been one my favourite act of the weekend and it’s great to see two young lads enjoying themselves likes you see with Royal Blood at festivals all the time.

Science of Eight Limbs

Science of Eight Limbs

As the night and indeed the weekend began to end I managed to checkout some of Jamie Lawson’s with one of them being I Wasn’t Expecting That and the 40 year old really put on a beautifully crafted show for his fans that saw everyone get on their feet. Another band before that really got everyone dancing was the legendary Chas and Dave. You just couldn’t fault their performance and  the whole set was just pure fun for everyone. Eighties band Duran Duran also put on an epic show to close the festival as they sung classics suchHungry Like Wolf and Ordinary World. As confetti went down on the thousands of people in the crowd, you just new it was an epic weekend and a festival that will certainly be on my books next year!