Live Review: Farro at Southampton’s Joiners

Members from Greywind, and Natives joined Farro on stage

Members from Greywind, and Natives joined Farro on stage (photo by Ben Smith)

With some atmosphere gathering, the night kicked off with a lovely acoustic show by Irish brother and sister act Greywind. Steph and Paul O’Sullivan put on a magical show to open the night up. Steph’s beautiful yet strong vocals really shined through a tiny Joiners venue as Paul’s guitar playing was spot on as always. Greywind played songs such as Circle and Afterthoughts from their debut album, titled Afterthoughts, which is out in January. It was amazing to be right up close to them both as the supporting guitarist added some strong vocals. The duo ended with Forest Ablaze which was a perfect end to the first opening act. This brother and sister act have an incredibly bright future ahead so keep your eyes peeled for more from the two.

Steph O'Sullivan of Greywind (Photo by Ben Smith)

Steph O’Sullivan of Greywind (Photo by Ben Smith)

New Forest band Natives kicked off their set in a very positive manner with an incredibly catchy first song. Their second song Pray was just as catchy and you could really feel the drumming pump through your body. The drummer, Andy White, showed a very unique style and played while standing up.  Lead singer Jim Thomas’ voice really shined through and complemented the colourful lights. They then played their new single Passion that really got everyone moving to the beat.  Some of the songs they played was from their upcoming second album and managed to get the crowd clapping away. Thomas really engaged with the crowd and it was like every song had it’s own different connection. He also started to play the drums alongside White during the chorus. They finished with a song called Stop The Rain which was about the power of music, and it was certainly a great way to end a perfect set. The guitarist, Jack Fairbrother, played on a musical pad that sounded just great and added a very unique feel to the evening.

Native's Jim Thomas (photo by Ben Smith)

Native’s Jim Thomas (photo by Ben Smith)

Farro then took the stage and the lighting was fantastic with projected stars to begin with and simply his logo to follow. Josh started off with his well known song On The Wire to get the crowd going from the word go. The four piece support also created an awesome sound in such a small venue. The brilliantly catchy Color Rush then followed and the genre was completely different to Paramore as like it was all set. It was really feel good music and having heard a little snippet in rehearsals I didn’t expect any less. It was refreshing to see Farro engaging with fans in this intimate setting as he is most use to playing arena tours and festivals. It was the penultimate gig to their tour and despite a few technical issues, Farro remained professional as ever.  Josh and the band played a new song and really got the crowd clapping. Farro then played a slow song titled Island that got a lot of people swaying and really was a sweet song. It did get more heavier as the song went on however and it provided some awesome riffs from the supporting guitarist. Twins Jay and Rod joined Josh for an even slower acoustic song titled Home which started with an almost acapella sound with Farro’s voice chipping in for the verse. It was another sweet song and almost describes Josh’s new genre in a single song with a very mellow vibe but you could tell this song meant a lot to the singer. They also covered Fleet Foxes’ White Winter Hymnal in another great acoustic style cover with a tangerine and pure vocals. He sung a song about his brother Zac, about parting ways and wanting to be super close and having to grow up. He gave everything to this song and the lyrics were as powerful as the actual song with ‘I don’t wanna lose you’ referring to his brother. It was probably his heaviest song on the set, and you could tell he put 100% into every last bit of it. Josh then played Say The Word which was about letting down somebody. Farro then covered Coldplay’s Charlie Brown which was a massive hit with all the crowd. The singer then added another new song and offered fans a free T-shirt for a winner of a dance off which was great fun. His penultimate song saw members from Greywind and Natives joining Josh on stage. Finally Farro sung his album title song Walkways to finish off a night of very high standard and enjoyable music.

Josh Farro (Photo by Ben Smith)

Josh Farro (Photo by Ben Smith)