Eastleigh band set to release first EP

Torcoda fray 1

From left to right: Matt Geer, Callum Waldron, Ben Smith and Tom Farmer. Photo by Alex Waldron (@alexwaldron.p)

Eastleigh based band Torcoda Fray are looking to make a name for themselves in the world of music. Although they only formed in late 2016, the quartet have already recorded their debut EP Ace and are eager to share it with the world. The band consists of vocalist Tom Farmer, guitarist Matt Geer, drummer Ben Smith and Callum Waldron on bass. There is a real mixture to the band’s genre, with each song of the upcoming EP all having that different element, some including indie rock, punk rock and a hint of pop rock. Although Torcoda Fray haven’t shared any songs yet, we managed to catch up with the band for an interview. Three quarters of them spoke to us with Matt, Ben and Callum all taking time out of their rehearsal to sit down and talk about the upcoming release. Some of these include their first gig they went to, what got them into music in the first place and much more! The EP is said to be released within the next couple of weeks which coincides with¬†their first gig next month!