Eastleigh MP’s escape from Westminster terror

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Mims Davies “You know you are a target”

A shaken Mims Davies, Eastleigh’s MPm has described how she narrowly missed this afternoon’s deadly terror attack at Westminster in which one woman died several people, including a police office, have been injured.

The MP described the dramatic events to Eastleigh News during a telephone call from a “place of safety” near the House of Commons where she is sheltering along with other MPs and their staff .

The MP told Eastleigh News that the division bells in Portculis house had rung summoning MPs to the House of Commons to vote and Davies joined other MPs preparing to exit the building to cross the road by Westminster bridge to Palace Yard.

Davies said she saw a “sea of people” running back towards the building including MPs Mary Creagh and Penny Mordaunt.

She said she suddenly heard people shout “Get back” and Penny Mordaunt shout “Gun Shots have been fired. This is not a drill.”

Davies said:

“I know that Penny Mordaunt is in the Navy Reserve and she knows what gunshots sounds like”

She then ran with a group of people away from the Houses of Parliament to a safe location nearby where they currently under the care of the Metropolitan Police.

Mims Davies told Eastleigh News some of her staff are still in lockdown inside the Palace of Westminster while the building is being searched.

The MP said:

“You know you are a target and you aware there is a threat so it’s not a total surprise, but it’s very very sad and my thoughts are with the injured police officer and all the innocent people who have been hurt on Westminster Bridge.”