Local author launches adult epic fantasy

A local writer who overcame childhood dyslexia to become a university lecturer has unveiled her latest novel at a book launch in Winchester.

Madeleine Vaughn read extracts from Blood of the Delphi and signed copies for fans at a special event at Waterstones on the High Street.

The book follows on from The Sons of Thestian and is the latest instalment in The Harmatia Cycle which the author described as an:

“Epic fantasy series, heavily inspired by Celtic mythology.”

Although faeries and dragons feature in the story, the book is aimed at a 15 plus readership and explores adult and sexual themes.

Madeleine explained:

“It’s about a family, called the Delphi, who are trying to retake their rightful place on the throne of Harmatia. It expands over several years and is very reflective of a lot of the story cycles that you get in Irish mythology.

“I was writing a big world and I needed that world to reflect the diversity of the society around me and that included people of colour and LGBT characters.

“As a member of the LGBT community myself, I wanted to see myself represented in a book in a way that wasn’t just about my sexuality.”

Vaughn is a believer in the power of fantasy fiction. It was another fantasy series that helped her to overcome dyslexia.

“I couldn’t read when I was little and I really struggled to write because of my dyslexia but I fell in love with audio books particularity J K Rowlings’s Harry Potter books which just inspired me.

“The Harry Potter audio books weren’t coming out fast enough so I forced myself to read and I started to read quicker and was able to see te patterns in writing faster.”

Vaughn went onto to study at Winchester University where she now lectures in creative writing at the age of 25.

Around 50 people attended the event and judging by the number of books going through the tills, was a success.

“I think it’s been fantastic” said Vaughn

“The response has been brilliant. I’m flattered and very thankful.”

You can buy Blood of the Delphi by M E Vaughn from Waterstones here