Review: Ferocious Dog at Southampton’s Talking Heads

Ferocious Dog

Ferocious Dog are just one of those bands who guarantee to get fans up on the dance floor and carry on dancing until the rest of the night. Ken Bonsall (lead singer) reached out to everyone in the crowd throughout the set that provided a very inclusive atmosphere. He made shout outs to everyone and kept giving everyone high fives. The band began with Gallows Justice which was the perfect song to kick things off. There were plenty of highlights throughout the set as they played the likes of Poor Angry and Young and Crime and Punishment. Dan Booth and Ellis Warning both also provided a great authentic sound that everyone in the crowd just loved. They played an almost reggae style song with Freeborn John about halfway through the set which a gave a different vibe to the night and added variety. When Ferocious Dogs played Hell Hounds, all hell went loose as it lead to a crazy mosh pit that saw a fair few involved. The banjo player and fiddler were both in sync with each other which added to the original music and amazing lights that was on show. They finished on Slow Motion Suicide as an encore which really was a great way to end an amazing night of music. Ken took some time to say hello to everyone in the crowd after the show and stayed for photos which is a refreshing sight for any band.