Review: The Stranglers at Southampton’s Guildhall

The Strnglers

The Stranglers

Following their sell-out success of their Black and White Tour in March last year, The Stranglers presented the Classic Collection to coincide with the planned re-release of the entire Stranglers studio album catalogue from the period 1977-82. With them being halfway through their UK tour, the band performed at Southampton’s O2 Guildhall last night. They were joined by Ruts DC on the evening who were the perfect band to start the evening. Ruts DC played 7 covers from The Ruts that included It Was Cold and In A Rut. They also played Kill The Pain and Psychic Attack which was some of their own played on the night. The lighting was superb and it really got everyone in the mood. The Stranglers then went on the stage as the crowd roared for them to get on stage. They started up with The Raven which followed by Was It You? and Sometimes. The Stranglers also played their classic song Golden Brown  halfway through this amazing set as well as Peaches and you could really tell everyone enjoyed that one. They also played a Dionne Warwick cover titled Walk On By which was a really creative performance from Jet Black, J J Burnel, Dave Greenfield, Baz Warne and touring drummer Jim Macauley. A total of 22 songs were sung on the night that included the wonderful Genetix and Five Minutes. There was of course a encore as The Stranglers finished the night off in style with Go Buddy Go and No More Heroes.