The Amazons light up Southampton’s Joiners

The Amazons (photo by Ben Smith)

The Amazons played to a sold out Southampton crowd last Thursday (2nd March) and it was a night to remember for all fans.

Toreador were first up and they played such an awesome set, they really knew how to get the crowd going. They played some new music to try and kick off the night’s entertainment and they certainly knew how to get the crowd swaying. They played their single Hollow, that is on Spotify,  and it was a really good song and showed what they were all about. Overall the local band’s set was a perfect way to kick off the night and you can expect a lot more from these guys.


Cupids was then next up and they started off sounding a bit like Oasis but they soon started to kick in with their own unique. Their stage presence were amazing and they made sure that every fan got involved by listening to their songs despite the tiny venue. They really knew how to have a indie show. They played songs such as Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait) that really got the tiny venue in full voice. They also played a song  about having no money which was refreshing for a band to say this. Cupids are a kind of band that have plenty of potential and I think their support slot is just the beginning. 

Cupids’ Ryan Comac (photo by Ben Smith)

The Amazons were then up last and from start to finish they were  awesome. They started with Stay With Me which would of been a familiar song for fans with it being out neatly a year. The set provided some awesome lights  and their single Ultraviolet really started to create moshes throughout the tight enclosed sold out crowd. This was the sixth time the band played in Southampton so you know they would be well received. They also played a couple of songs off their new album including newly released song Black Magic.

Crowd surfing

Nightdriving was another perfect song for night and created such a good vibe throughout the building. The Amazons will release their new album in the summer and if it’s going by anything that we heard on the night then you just know it’s going to be good. They were really humble and thanked Cupids who are on tour with the band for the rest of the dates. 

The Amazons’ drummer Joe Emmett (photo by Ben Smith)

Although The Amazons are more indie, their set had a tiny bit of screaming involved which was really refreshing to see. Songs such as In My Mind and Junk Food Forever really created a fun atmosphere which allowed plenty of crowd surfing.

Overall The Amazons were really an  amazing band to witness and they are certainly got a bright future ahead.