Council Chief Exec gives helping hand at free lunch

Nick Tustian, Chief executive of Eastleigh Borough Council, giving a helping hand

Communities were invited to a free meal at Eastleigh’s Leigh Road Recreation Ground today.

The event was aimed at members of all Eastleigh’s communities – and anyone in need – the meal was offered lunch time today.

Chief Executive Nick Tustian was invited to help out as he helped feed over 200 people from all backgrounds and communities.

The meal was an initiative by Eastleigh’s Asian Welfare and Cultural Association (AWCA), working with the Eastleigh Gurkha Nepalese Association, Matt Bunday Events and Sanjha Southampton.

Mohammed Mossadaq, a trustee of the AWCA, said before the event:

‘We believe that communities that share together, grow together. Eastleigh is a great place, and this is our way of sharing with our communities. We do hope that people come and join us, especially those in need.’

Nick Tustian, Chief Executive of Eastleigh Borough Council, spoke also before the event and said:

We’re pleased to be supporting this event on the Leigh Road Recreation Ground, which helps build stronger bonds in our communities by bringing people together in the simple act of sharing a meal.’

The initiative is sponsored by Bookers Cash and Carry, Dosanjh Stores, International Foods and Fyffes.


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