Beer Festival announce acts

Beer fest

This year’s Southampton Beer Festival is less than a month away, and this year the festival offers not only great beer and cider, but an array of exciting musical entertainment from the local area. The festival organisers have teamed up with one of the city’s premier music venues, The Frog and Frigate, to bring 12 local bands and performers to play at the festival’s new venue, St Mary’s Stadium: Matt Black, Tom Martin, Jack Francis, Jimmy Hart, Remedy Sounds, The Villanovas, Sorcha Rose & Bear, Jazz Wrann & The Ruby Wells, Catballou, The Paper Trains, Shoot the Duke, and Just Millie & Band.

Although it feels like ‘all change’ this year, one aspect of the festival remains constant – the range and quality of the beers and ciders on offer. Up to 90 cask ales and 28 ciders will be available, sourced from both the Southampton area’s thriving brewing scene and nationally. Alongside these, Belgium and Blues, one of the city’s newest specialist bars, will be providing an expertly curated selection of international bottled beer.

If you’d rather enjoy your beer in a less noisy atmosphere, the festival now has a permanent ‘quiet’ area available during all 4 sessions, which run from 11:30-16:00 and 16:30-23:00 on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of June.

Tickets are available from a number of pubs across the city, and online.