Go ‘commando’ and change a life!

Pupils at St Nicholas School in Ghana will benefit from the funds raised by competitors taking part in Sailors Societys Commando Challenge

Pupils at a flooded out school in Ghana need your help

A local charity is challenging employees to release their ‘inner commando’ – and change children’s lives for the better.

Southampton-based maritime charity Sailors’ Society is set to launch a new, ultra-physical fundraising event.

The Commando Challenge, on 14-16 July, will see teams of three compete in a variety of pulse-raising activities, including canoeing, climbing, zip-wiring and more, to raise money for St Nicholas School in Ghana.

The primary school, which enables young children of seafaring families from deprived backgrounds to get an education, needs money to expand, so that it can offer a secondary education and vocational training to give students maritime careers.

The school was flooded just last week, devastating its library and IT suite. It depends wholly on charity funding.

Sailors’ Society’s director of development Adam Stacey said:

“We’re launching the Commando Challenge because we’re seeing a real appetite for new and exciting experiences. Whether you’re looking for a great team-building event, a CSR opportunity or an adrenaline rush with friends, this will be a weekend to remember.

“By doing Commando Challenge, you can make a huge difference to the lives of dozens of children by giving them an education.”

Sailors’ Society works internationally to give welfare support to seafarers and their families, many of whom come from some of the world’s poorest communities. The Society also builds houses, schools and medical centres for seafaring communities in need.

Adam Stacey added:

“Look around you; more than 90 per cent of everything we own comes by sea – your cars, your phone, even your cup of coffee.

“These are brought by seafarers who risk extreme loneliness, storms and even piracy to bring it to us,”

“We all rely on seafarers, and raising money for Sailors’ Society gives us the opportunity to give something back to them and their children.”

The Commando Challenge is an all-inclusive weekend. Each team of three will be asked to raise £3,000 for the Society.

To find out more about the event, contact Sailors’ Society at events@sailors-society.org.