‘Labour offers a real change’

Eastleigh voters who want progressive policies should consider voting Labour not Liberal Democrat says the town’s Labour candidate as new poll shows Labour could push the Lib Dems into third place.

Jill Payne, is bidding to become Eastleigh’s first Labour MP, says there is little difference between the parliamentary voting record of the town’s previous Conservative MP Mims Davies and Lib Dem Mike Thornton’s record when he was part of the 2010 Conservative/Liberal Democrat austerity coalition.

Payne is hoping to benefit from the revival in Labour’s opinion polling figures and to build on Mark Latham’s 13% share of the vote in 2015 which had been Labour’s best result in Eastleigh for years and the latest seat prediction from Lord Ashcroft polling shows released today shows Labour coming second with 26% to the Conservatives on 55%.

“If you look at the voting record of Mike and Mims there isn’t a huge difference between them. Clearly Mike was a member of the Coalition Government of 2010 and his party is not a progressive party. Labour offers a real change from the austerity and the cuts of the Coalition and Conservative governments.”

Payne works in one of the town’s banks and has lived in central Eastleigh with her partner for 15 years. Her son is at university and she feels that the Labour to abolish university tuition fees will save

“Education is such an essential its not just essential for a good, educated, tolerant society but it’s an investment for our future. My son will be £57,000 in debt through putting himself through university and like many people he might meet a partner in university with a similar amount of debt – how can young people hope to set up home with £120,000 of debt?”

Jill Payne also supports Labour’s proposals to tackle the housing cirisi

“Labour are looking to build an extra 100,000 affordable homes – genuinely affordable homes as defined by a percentage of income rather than market value – each year for the next five years and to cap rents and prevent some of the charges agenices impose on tenants.”

The biggest issue Payne has found on the doorstep hasn’t been Brexit but the NHS.

“The NHS is a huge issue – probably 1 in 2 people mentioned the NHS to some degree, it clearly has huge support and people are concerned that it is being under-funded.

“Labour has promised to increase funding by six billion a year and is also looking to make investments in IT and buildings – the general NHS infrastructure.

“Most voters cherish the NHS and feel it’s not getting the funding deserves.”

I asked how Labour would pay for all of this?

“Through progressive taxation that will hit the top 5% of earners but anyone earning £80,000 a year the Labour Party has pledged will not be paying extra taxation.

There is huge wealth in our country, we are the fifth richest country in the world, we have spiralling executive pay and I believe thse people can afford to contribute more.”

I also asked Payne why ‘remain’ voting Labour supporters shouldn’t vote Lib Dem as the party has promised a second referendum.

“They haven’t honoured their promises in the past. I was a remainer however it is hugely importmat as part of our democracy that we should accept the putcome of the referendum. How would the 52% feel if we didn’t? To say that we will have another referendum, then what? A third one?

“I believe we need to make a go of Brexit, however the worse case scenario would be a ‘no deal’ which really worries me. Europe is our closest neighbour, we should be friends and working together.”

In addition to Jill Payne there are four other candidates in the general election on June 8.

Mike Thornton – Liberal Democrat
Mims Davies – Conservative
Malcolm Jones – Ukip
Ron Meldrum – Green Party