Jobless rate jumps in Eastleigh

Eastleigh jobcentre

Unemployment in Eastleigh – as measured by the number of people out of work and claiming job seekers allowance (JSA) – has hit a two year high according to figures released today by the Office for National Statistics.

Last month there were 630 people claiming JSA in Eastleigh, up from 540 claimants this time last year making it the highest number of claimants here since February 2015.

But even with the 16% jump in Eastleigh’s jobless rate, it still only represents 0.8% of the working age population and that’s less than half of both the claimant count nationally and in neighbouring Southampton which stands at 1.9%.

While last month’s increase might be sign that the recent growth in local jobs might be slowing, unemployment overall is at a record low here and nationally.

Today’s quarterly figures show that the UK unemployment rate is at it’s lowest level since 1975 at 4.3% of the working age population or 1,455,000 people.

The last quarterly data on Eastleigh’s unemployment rate was published by the ONS in March and recorded that there were 2,200 people in Eastleigh classed as unemployed which represents 3.1% of the working age people – again the total unemployment rate in Eastleigh is far lower than the national average but it should be noted that not all unemployed people are eligible for JSA and we can’t be sure how many unemployed there are as both the UK and Eastleigh unemployment figures are ‘model-based’ estimates whereas the claimant count is based on actual claims for JSA.

Jobless data source: Nomis