LA Rams too good for Arizona Cardinals in London game

LA Rams coming out the tunnel

A disappointing day in London for Arizona Cardinals fans as they lose their fourth game this season against The Los Angeles Rams!

Sunday’s game was another shocker for the NFL fans in London as another team goes home with zero points for the second game in a row.

Question is, did The Cardinals even show up on Sunday? with a missed field goal by Dawson from the 32-yard line in the first quarter of the game, some fans would say that their heads weren’t in the game from the start.

Los Angeles pushed forward for the rest of the first quarter getting constant 1st downs until they are finally stopped at the 23 yard line where Goff sent an incomplete shotgun pass to Kupp in the end zone causing a 4th down and a field goal by kicker Greg Zuerlein to give The Rams their first three points of the game, with only 4 minutes and 14 seconds to spare of the first quarter.

With only 2 minutes left in the first quarter, The Cardinals failed to get past the 45-yard line, making them have to punt the ball back over to The Rams. However, even The Rams can’t help but get a 4th down giving it back to The Cardinals going into the second quarter.

11 minutes and 18 seconds left in the second quarter and a 4th and 4 down, Greg Zuerlein comes out for another 33-yard field goal attempt. Making the score now 0 – 6 to The Los Angeles Rams.

On the first play back after Cardinals defence stopped the Rams from getting past the 30-yard line, Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer attempted to pass deep into the middle of the field to Wide Receiver J. J. Nelson, however that quickly got intercepted by Lamarcus Joyner making a 1st down for The Rams.

Carson Palmer was also injured during that play, leaving him out for the rest of the game and bringing on sub Drew Stanton.

Running Back Todd Gurley then runs 18 yards on the first play to get The Los Angeles Rams first Touchdown of the game. Zuerlein then scores the extra point to give The Rams a 13 point lead against The Cardinals.

Only one minute later after Arizona punt the ball back to The Rams, Quarterback, Jared Goff rushes 9 yards for another Rams touchdown with only 41 seconds left in the 1st half. The score is 0 – 20 to LA.

QB Drew Stanton throws another interception for the Cardinals straight to

The second half was just another repeat of mistakes by The Arizona Cardinals as they struggle to get those 3rd downs complete leaving them to punt the ball another two more times in the second half.

Only 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter Greg Zuerlein manages to gain another three points for their fourth field goal of the day to get them a 0 – 26 lead.

Things did start to look up for Arizona fans towards the end of the 3rd quarter as D.Bucannon manages to catch an interception after J.Goff made a short left pass intended for T.Gurley. This brought such a roar from the crowd which was soon stopped as Arizona are left to punt the ball after another fail of making a 3rd down.

With only 3 mins left until the end of the game it seems that The Cardinals defence really has given up as The Rams show them how to get passed a 3rd down as J. Goff passes 18 yards to C. Kupp for their third and final touchdown to end the shocking night in London at 0 – 33 to The Los Angeles Rams.

Arizona Cardinals’ Adrian Peterson (Left) and LA Rams’ Todd Gurley (right) swapping shirts