Circomedia entertains The Point with ‘Cut The Mustard’

Circomedia, the country’s leading provider of circus-based training, presented Cut the Mustard at The Point last Friday. It was certainly a great evening of contemporary circus, physical innovation and boundless creativity.

The latest graduating class of Circomedia used acrobatics, aerial tricks and manipulation to create an evening to remember as The Point was in full spirit and enjoyed every minute of it.

It provided witty adult humour inspiring skills as the performance is perfect fun for all aged 16 and up.

Circomedia is the UK’s centre for research and production of transformational experiences arising from circus, teaching and training the next generation of talented circus performers while touring new and exciting works across the country every year.

Overall it was a fantastic night of entertainment and you could tell that every single person in the venue was impressed and enjoyed every minute of it.

It was great value for money too with it being just £6 for a ticket.