Royal Visit to Eastleigh College

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Queen B, a young professional in the automotive industry visited Eastleigh College to motivate students wishing to pursue their career in this exciting and evolving industry.

Queen B, who runs a successful YouTube channel engaging with leading car brands by test driving and commenting on the latest models, took time out of her busy schedule to spend a day at the College inspiring the next generation of automotive professionals. The visit highlighted to students the breadth of opportunities within the industry and the paths students can take to reach their dream job.

The 25 year old who grew up around cars and with a family heavily involved with racing, recognises the importance of young people in the automotive industry. She explains,

‘It’s really important because the industry needs fresh new blood and it’s young people that will keep it alive.’

Queen B also comments on the courses offered at Eastleigh College and highlights,

‘The College teaches life skills, not just the qualification which is crucial for helping young people progress in this sector.’

Steven a Level 2 Motor Vehicle student, was one many inspired by Queen B and is now motivated more than ever to push himself to reach his full potential within the industry. Steven, who just like Queen B has grown up around cars and is passionate about the industry comments,

‘I’ve looked up to her for years, and always watch her videos about the latest cars. It was great to meet her and find out how she got to where she has today.’

Matthew Stickland, Lecturer in Motor Vehicle at Eastleigh College, used his extensive industry experience and contacts to arrange the visit and explains the benefits it’s has on the students. He shares,

‘Queen B’s visit to the College has opened up the eyes of many students on the variety of opportunities within this field of work. Our students have taken the motivations from the visit and will be more confident in choosing the right path for them within the trade.’