The Circus of Horrors entertains Southampton with Voodoo Tour

Dr Haze the undead ringmaster and the creator of the Circus of Horrors and his team really showed Southampton what entertainment is all about at the O2 Guildhall as they took their Voodoo tour to the city. The show included Guinness world record holding sword swallower Hannibal Hellmurto and his wife Anastasia IV a hair-hanging beauty who performed an areal act suspended only by her locks.

Right from the start, the devil announcer scared the audience as he shouted ‘good evening’. He provided comedy throughout the evening and got a volunteer to help him with a bad magic card trick which didn’t work out to plan – but this was part of the act.

An Egyptian mummy-like creature came up behind my chair and startled me then walked on the stairs to the stage which created an excellent atmosphere.

There was a live band playing throughout with Dr Haze singing as the fire-breathing performers got the show started in great fashion. There were bow and arrows flying to burst balloons and the performer even stood on the strong mans head to fire these.

This followed by a Hula Hoop performance before Hannibal Hellmurto swallowed a 90 degree curved sword and a neon tube. This was all set in ‘Sin City’ as then a plank of wood was held up by a performer’s nose. There were these four tribe men that featured throughout and they provided some killer dance moves and really showed off how flexible they were.

After the interval, there were blindfolded knife throwing, trapezists and a strong man throwing around 75 kg balls. To add event further spookiness there were 666 six inch nails hammered on to him

Two female volunteers then got up on stage to put pull a piece of steel out of a performer’s neck and face before he got someone to help pull a 4ft length of wool of oh his stomach. Finally, he took his pants off much to the shock of the audience however it was very funny.

As the show was coming to the end the devil ‘beheaded’ Dr Haze as the song Let’s Face The Music and Dance played with the lyrics ‘There may be trouble ahead’ which was a funny pun.

There was even a ring of fire on the night but I will leave that description to someone with more imagination. Overall it was a great evening and Dr Haze introduced all the band who entertained the crowd throughout the night.