Commissioner celebrates ‘Good’ rating for Hants Police

Michael Lane Hants PCC

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire has paid tribute to the officers and staff of Hampshire Constabulary after their performance was assessed as ‘Good’ in the latest report from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS).

In a statement Michael Lane said:

“The members of Hampshire Constabulary turn up each day to keep us safer, bringing courage and professional skills to meet the challenges each day presents in often the most complex, stressful and physically demanding of circumstances. It is right that they enjoy strong public support.

I am delighted that the professional inspectorate for policing, HMICFRS, has tested them and found them committed and professional and assessed Hampshire Constabulary as Good in terms of effectiveness.

I am also glad that HMICFRS has been able to hear of innovative approaches within our team and found us listening well to questions, some expressed concerns and then reacting promptly. The Constabulary has a growing reputation for embracing change, seeking improved outcomes and ensuring new approaches are evidence based and continue to be tested for their effectiveness.

Today, policing is under pressure due to an increase in demand, a shift to more complex and resource intensive crimes, and continued financial constraints.  It is a time when criminals are changing and adapting their behaviours, technology is offering new risks and the pace of life is accelerating for many. New approaches are needed to defeat those who wish us harm and have criminal intent.  And for our Constabulary to remain operationally effective in a modern way, that continues to deliver for our communities, will require further change within the Force and for all its members, whether officers, staff, specials or volunteers.

It is the determination and commitment of the whole workforce to protect the vulnerable, and keep us safer that has meant that Hampshire Constabulary has justly received this GOOD rating.”

The full report can be accessed here: