Eastleigh jobless claimant count rises

Eastleigh jobcentre

The latest employment figures for Eastleigh released today (March 21) show the largest number of job seekers claiming benefits since March 2014 and the third consecutive monthly rise but Jobcentre spokesman says figures have been skewed as a result of Universal Benefit rollout and the figure is below national and regional averages.

There were 890 jobless claimants in Eastleigh in February, an increase of 11% since the previous month and an increase of 64% year on year when there were 540 claimants. But despite this increase the claimant count is still only 1.1% of the local workforce and slightly better than the 1.3% national average. It is also a 60% improvement on the figures for five years ago when there were 1,505 claimants.

The most recent model-based figures for the total number unemployed persons of working age in Eastleigh date from 2017 when there 2,300 people or 3.4% of the working population compared to 4.3% nationally.

Today’s national employment figures showed the second monthly rise The claimant count, which increased by 9,200 last month to 837,800, the highest for more than three years.

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Esther McVey said in a statement:

Getting a job means securing an income for a family and the chance to build a better future. That’s why up and down the country we are doing all we can to help people into work.