‘Still a chance to change course’: SE Green MEP

keith taylor ep flag 3

Keith Taylor – Green MEP for South East region.

The Green MEP for the South East region Keith Taylor has used the anniversary of the triggering Article 50 to pledge that the Green Party will ‘continue fighting for the people to have their say on the final deal’ and that there is “still a chance to change course.”

There is still a year to go until the UK is due to formally leave the European Union and the MEP says that across the 48% of people who voted to remain across the region have had their opinions ‘sidelined’ by the government.

In a press release Mr Taylor insisted there should be a ballot on the terms of any final deal:


The Brexit a bitter and divided Tory party is dragging us towards is a monumental calamity. Their approach to negotiations has been unforgivably shambolic; driven by a desperate need to appease a Tory hard-right fringe and the DUP. As a result, the people of Britain have no idea what kind of post-Brexit future lay ahead.

What we can be sure of is that any and all Brexit outcomes will have hugely damaging economic impacts, according to the Government’s own (secret) studies. That the transition period delays the worst of these impacts until 2020 is of little comfort when the fundamental future relationship questions remain unanswered.

I still believe that we are fairer, greener and safer inside the European Union. And, as a Green, I am fighting for a People’s Poll on the final terms of any deal – with remaining in the EU an option on the ballot.

Despite the odds and powerful vested interests, I will not be deterred in this fight. The point of no return might be near but we still have a chance to change course.