Live Review: Rent at The Point

Photo by Laura Hobin

Southampton Musical Society performed a perfect rendition of the musical Rent at The Point, Eastleigh last Wednesday. Set in the East Village of New York City, Rent is about falling in love, finding your voice and living for today. These performers certainly knew exactly how to grip the Eastleigh audience with pitch-perfect vocals and above all, it was actually really funny at times. With sexual and drug references throughout the show, I would not necessarily recommend this musical for a family audience however it does give an insightful look into what the dangers are concerning this.

Each and every member of the cast put in 110% in what was the first of four performances at The Point. Even before the show started, there was a lot of buzz for this musical and despite not being fully sold out there was a great atmosphere at the venue. With classic songs performed such as Tango: Maureen and Light My Candle, it was always going to be a gripping performance if done correctly and Southampton Musical Society knew exactly what they were doing. The song that really got me as a neutral was Seasons of Love that was performed in the second part of the show and the cast finished on this while taking a bow. It was performed perfectly and it actually created a lot of smiles in the audience which was really nice to see.

This show created a lot of emotions throughout as it dealt with death and love and with it going on for 165 minutes including the break, I can honestly say that I felt it went really quickly and I would recommend this to any lovers of musicals. With this being my first real time at a musical, I was not expecting it to be this good yet I enjoyed every minute of it.