Sucsess at Longtrack British speed Championships

Go-Sport Long track ice speed skating club, was formed just a year ago, and already are producing Medallists. The year’s success started with their coach Clare Upton, from Botley, who set a 10k British record, track record and personal best time in Leeuwarden Holland at Christmas. Fresh back from The British UK Longtrack Championships, held in De Uith of Holland, ELLSA Go-Sport entered as a club for the very first time. Clare Upton ,Steven Randall ,Abby Keable & Tom Smith

Day 1 racing results were as follows :
Clare 500m Silver Medallist
Abby 500m Bronze Medallist
Tom 1,000m Bronze Medallist
Clare 1,500m Bronze Medallist
Clare 5,000m Silver Medallist

Day 2 racing results as follows:
Clare 100 & 300m combined super sprint races Bronze Medallist
Tom as part of the Pee Wee Team Sprint Fastest Pee Wee Team
Clare Marathon 20k race Silver Medallist
After a fall on lap 4 cracking 2 ribs, it took Clare 7 laps to return to
the pack, finishing in second place by 15 m to take the silver.

Clare & Abby entered the very first team sprint 1,200m & Team persuit 2,400m as Go-Sport. Results being a second place for Go-Sport overall Tom said ‘he felt very fortunate to be able to take part in his Second British Championships. The experience of competing was fabulous and improved his skating. He was pleased with his performance, and each year he is getting faster. He’s looking towards more PB’s and medals next year and working towards skating for his country and competing in the Olympics’
Abby was quoted as saying ‘it was hard work, and I was determined to make it a third time lucky this year, succeeding in coming home with a bronze medal in the 500m. Thanks to my excellent coach.’

Go-Sport Long track ice speed skating club currently train in Gosport with their short track team mates on  Thursday evening 5.15 pm – 6.30pm.