Miss Teen Southampton set to compete nationally

Miss Teen Southampton

Ilyssa Viktoria Alagon

Ilyssa Viktoria Alagon, age 15, has been selected to compete in a beauty pageant, Miss Teen Great Britain on 23rd October 2018 and she has high hopes of winning the prestigious title.

‘I really believe what you see in the media isn’t what pageants truly are, it was not till I took part in my first pageant that I realised pageants were not just walking down a runway, the atmosphere is really nothing I had ever experienced.

Miss Teen Great Britain, for girls aged between 10-19, has girls competing nationally. There are three divisions, and Ilyssa will be competing in the Teen division.

Born in Manila, Philippines, raised in Southampton, Ilyssa is so proud to be representing the city that made her.

Winner of Teen Miss British Empire 2017, Ilyssa believes she has caught the pageant bug, a known phenomenon in the pageant community were she immediately wanted to take part in another Pageant.

‘What I love the most about pageants is the fun-filled personalities each contestant have, especially the Teen and Junior divisions. Being surrounded by so much talent really pushes me to work harder.’