MP calls for better roads for cyclists and treatment for brain injury victims

Mimi Davies MP and Steve Whitehead

Mims Davies and Steve Whitehead

Eastleigh’s MP Mims Davies has spoken from personal experience of how a brain injury can impact the lives of victims and their families and has highlighted the need for local roads to become safer for cyclists.

Davies attended an event held by Headway UK campaigners to raise awareness of acquired brain injury and the need for improved neurorehabilitation services across the UK.

Afterwards the MP said:

“For a significant number of people, a traffic accident or cycling incident has left them with an acquired brain injury, changing their lives forever – sadly too many of these cases are made worse because people aren’t wearing a safety helmet or aren’t checking the suitability of the helmet that they have.

“With this in mind, and having previously worked in road safety, I was really pleased to catch-up with one of my friends and former colleagues in this field of work, Steve Whitehead, who himself is living with the effects of an acquired brain injury. Like me, he shares concerns over the way in which our roads – particularly those within busy town centres such as Eastleigh and Hedge End – too often fail to support safer journeys, particularly for cyclists, who have contacted me with their concerns over safety on our local roads.

“Growing up I witnessed first-hand the impact that an acquired brain injury can have on somebody’s life and the lives of their family members. Headway UK is a truly brilliant charity, having been there to support my Dad after brain injury as they have supported so many others, and I was delighted to run the Brighton Marathon to raise funds for them in 2013.

 “I was also really pleased to be able to thank Steve and the Headway Team in person for their fantastic campaigning on this key issue, and I look forward to continuing to work with them in future.”


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  1. Jobn
    May 20, 2018 at 9:02 am

    Hi I do not drive myself but what upsets me the amount of cyclists that do not use the cycle ways provided and use them seniblse a lot do not. Think they can ride where there like and how they like which can cause accident not all are like this but sadly most are. Moterist have to pass test to be out on the roads, why cannot cyclists do the same to be able use roads and paths perhaps we would have fewer accidents.

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