Local Eastleigh woman wins prestigious award for environmental services

Dottie Allen

Dottie Allan, Client Services Manager at Green Rewards, was announced as one of the winners of the 35 Under 35 awards programme.

35 Under 35 is an awards programme, organised by letsrecycle.com in partnership with Grundon, which identifies the ‘young guns’ in the sector who are striving for professional excellence, promoting industry innovation and giving back to their company, local authority or community.

Dottie grew up in Eastleigh and attended Toynbee School and later attended Barton Peveril College. She attended University College London to complete a degree in Earth Sciences, and has since been working to reduce food waste and encourage reuse and recycling both as a volunteer in her local area and as part of her work at Green Rewards.

Speaking of the achievement, Dottie said:

‘I’m delighted that my work to reduce waste and encourage recycling around the UK and in my local community has been recognised with a 35 under 35 award. I’ve been working in the waste and recycling sector for a few years now and I’ve seen our work really grow in importance, with increased public interest in tackling climate change and reducing plastic waste. It’s great to see so much enthusiasm and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved through my work so far. This award has inspired me to keep working towards a less wasteful, more environmentally friendly society.’

Dottie’s work on Green Rewards’ engagement programmes to encourage recycling and her voluntary work on the People’s Fridge in her local community to tackle food waste and food poverty set her apart from her peers in the industry and secured her spot on the 35 under 35 list.

Graham Simmonds, Managing Director at Green Rewards, said,

‘Dottie consistently strives for professional excellence in her work at Green Rewards. With vision and determination she has successfully delivered a number of high profile waste and recycling campaigns across the UK. Dottie’s passion sets her apart and she continues to achieve improvements to waste tonnages for our clients, making her a real rising star of the industry.’

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    Girl? How patronising! If you were reporting on a similar aged male you wouldn’t call them boy I’m sure.

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