Local countryside charity to hold Rural Affordable Housing conference

A local Hampshire countryside charity are holding a conference to discuss the current crisis facing rural affordable housing.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Hampshire will be chairing the conference on 6 November 2018 at Littleton Village Hall near Winchester.

Speakers include CEO of Hastoe Group, Andrew Potter, Rural Affordable Housing Specialist Jo Lavis, Catherine Kirkham from Action Hampshire and Rural Housing Enablers from HARAH and Hampshire Village Homes.
Chief Executive of the charity, Charlee Bennett said:

‘We are facing a threat to the future of many rural communities as younger people, first-time buyers and lower-income households are increasingly priced out of large parts of Rural England. Vital services in rural areas – such as local post offices, schools and pubs – have been shutting down as the demographics of rural communities change rapidly. This is leaving a less inclusive, less resilient community base in our rural areas.

We want to protect the integrity and beauty of our countryside and landscape, but this can only be maintained with a sustainable, thriving and diverse community connected to the land we love.
We want to see genuinely affordable homes in rural areas, delivered as part of our existing target housing numbers in Hampshire. The countryside is for everyone to share and enjoy. Let’s make it possible for rural communities to thrive by supporting opportunities for real affordable housing for those connected to the countryside community.’

The conference has been supported by funding from Hampshire County Council and offers a real chance to debate the current issues facing housing numbers in our rural communities, presenting differing views, research and case studies from around Hampshire.

It will also provide a guide to some of the differing ways affordable housing can be introduced to rural communities, with examples of schemes that have worked successfully in the area.
Ms Bennett added: ‘We don’t have all the answers, but we need to be working with all the parties involved to understand the issues our rural communities are facing, and work together to provide some real options. This conference provides the opportunity to have some informed debate and differing perspectives to discuss workable housing solutions that will support a thriving countryside.’