Minstead Trust Launches Eastleigh Skill Up Centre

New Forest-based charity Minstead Trust has announced the launch of new community programmes held in Eastleigh to widen the scope of support for those with learning disabilities across the South West.

Minstead Trust provides work and life skills for adults with learning disabilities, in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Wiltshire.

This summer, pay-as-you-go Drop-In groups and affordable holiday activities were piloted in Eastleigh, with course participants giving feedback on future learning goals. Minstead Trust has now introduced its first weekly term time programme of courses (Talk It! Do It!) as part of Eastleigh’s ‘Skill Up Centre’ initiative, with a bespoke framework to help students achieve their chosen independence goals.
‘Talk It, Do It’ is getting underway with the first a 10-week course to teach and promote confidence in the community through the development of interpersonal skills and building friendships.

The much-needed funds to launch the first course were donated by Councillor Wayne Irish and Councillor Daniel Clarke, with £1,500 needed to deliver each subsequent term time courses in the Talk It Do It! programme. Future programme areas planned to run alongside Talk It Do It! include ‘Healthy Hobbies’ covering mental health and wellbeing and ‘Skills for Life’ focussed on everyday issues around tenancies, access to healthcare and community resources.
Madeleine Durie, Minstead Trust CEO comments:

‘The launch of the Skill Up Centre is a fantastic milestone for Minstead Trust, further expanding the positive impact and reach of our charitable efforts. Our new ‘Talk It Do It’ programme of courses will help students feel resilient and be able to participate as full citizens of Eastleigh and contribute to its vibrant and diverse community.

‘With our upcoming participation in the match funding ‘Big Give’ campaign, we welcome support from individuals and local companies in the area as any financial donations given between 27th November and 4th December will directly contribute to the delivery of additional Eastleigh community courses.’

The ‘Talk It, Do It’ courses starts on Friday 28th September and run on a weekly basis at Eastleigh’s Centenary Hall Scout HQ between 12.30pm – 2.00pm, costing £6.00 per session. Call 023 8081 7142