Research revealed as Comedy Central Live prepares to roll into Southampton

The age-old North versus South debate has been reignited as a study released today has turned up a new trump card for Northerners – they are officially funnier than their Southern counterparts.

A massive 74 percent of the nation believe that Northerners are naturally hilarious and even 61 percent of people who live down south admit their Northern brethren are more comedic than them.

‘A Nation of Laughs’ has been commission by Comedy Central Live, a three-day comedy festival taking place in Southampton in October, to delve into the comedy habits of the nation. The festival features an unbeatable line-up of comedians from all over the country, North and South, including from each of the top ten funniest cities in the UK.

The poll also explores the places and people Brits find the funniest – with five out of the top six cities falling in the North of the UK.

Famed for its cheeky sense of humour, Liverpool has been crowned the comedy capital of UK, chosen by 23 percent of the nation as the place which contains the funniest people in Britain.

Newcastle and London follow in second and third spots, with Manchester and then Glasgow making up the top five funniest cities in the UK.

The top ten funniest cities revealed:

Liverpool, 23 percent
Newcastle, 14 percent
London, 12 percent
Manchester, 10 percent
Glasgow, 10 percent
Edinburgh, 4 percent
Bristol, 3 percent
Birmingham, 3 percent
Belfast, 3 percent
Brighton, 2 percent

On average, we laugh out loud 11 times a day and Londoners laugh more than anyone else – cracking up on average 15 times a day.

Penny Brough, VP Marketing, Creative and Communications, Comedy Central Live says:

‘Northerners may have come out top in the comedy stakes but we know Southerners are just as funny and for one weekend, 5-7 October, we’ll be making Southampton the funniest place in Britain.

‘We have an unbeatable and diverse line up of comedians from across the whole country, cracking all types of jokes that will suit all comedy tastes.’

When asked how funny they think they are, two thirds (66%) of Brits rate themselves highly, proclaiming themselves as either ‘funny’ or ‘very funny’. Out of the 1,500 questioned, almost all (98%) believed “laughter is the best medicine” saying they feel better after a good laugh.