Chandler’s Ford driver in blue badge fraud

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Blue Badge Parking space outside Portsmouth Combined Courts. Google Streetview June 2018

A former Hampshire County Council worker from Chandler’s Ford has been fined for illegally using her husband’s ‘blue badge’ parking permit while on HCC business following a clamp down on Blue Badge fraud by Portsmouth City Council.

Natasha Smallwood 45, illegally parked her Mercedes SLK outside Portsmouth Family Courts, while she was attending  hearings on three separate occasions.

When she was confronted by enforcement officers, she lied by claiming her husband shopping in town and she was meeting him for lunch. At a later date, while under interview, Mrs Smallwood said she was employed by Hampshire County Council as a Senior Social Worker and was in fact using the badge whilst attending Court on behalf of the County Council – Mrs Smallwood has since left her post.

Appearing at Portsmouth Magistrates Court on October 22,  Smallwood admitted three offences of blue badge abuse and was fined a total of £1,202.

In a statement Cllr Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation at Portsmouth City Council said:

Misuse of the Blue badge is a criminal offence and it undermines the integrity of the scheme.  We have successfully prosecuted 110 people for blue badge misuse since 2009 and will continue to carry out enforcement action against those who are illegally using blue badges.