Council carries out taxi vehicle testing operation

Eastleigh Civic offices

Eastleigh Borough Council recently carried out on the spot inspections of ten taxis or private hire vehicles across the Borough.

The inspection is part of a Council initiative to ensure that licensed vehicles that operate in the Borough meet all the requirements as set by the local authority and to also reassure local residents.

Seven of the ten vehicles were found to be in good condition and met all the requirements. The remaining three were vehicles required to immediately undergo a more thorough examination at the Council’s vehicle examination centre at Hedge End.

One of the vehicles was found to have faults that required to be addressed within the next seven days and to undergo a further inspection to ensure remedial work has been carried out. Two of the vehicles were found to have safety failings, one of them significant and the vehicles were suspended on the spot. Officers will now review all the evidence and consider what further action is required.

Cabinet Lead for Transport Cllr David Airey said:

‘Licensed vehicles have to undergo regular inspections to remain licensed, the vast majority of the trade carry out regular maintenance of their vehicles, unfortunately a small number appear to fail to properly maintain their vehicles.

‘This initiative demonstrates that the Council sets high standards for our licensed vehicles drivers and will not tolerate unsafe vehicles remaining on the road. Officers will take appropriate action to protect the public and we will be conducting further operations to ensure licensed vehicles are in good condition and that the public are kept safe’